Vintage Surfboards


28 & 29 September 2019

Exhibition, Sell & swap .. vintage surfboards and surfing equipment (+25 years). If you’re in the market for a vintage rider or wall hanger, got a piece of surfing memorabilia you want to either show off or sell (posters, magazines, boardshorts, autographs, books), you don’t want to miss this weekend. So come on empty out the garage and come and join in!

The Collectors - +25 years


Tri-fin, quad fin, thruster... rounded pintail... leg warmers... to the max


Twin fin, stinger tail, bonzer.. shortboards.. pocket rocket.. surf leash


Hatchet single fins... malibu.. woodie.. bikinis.. beach bunny.. stoked

50's and before

Single... .. redwoods, balsa wood, pig, sausage, hot curl... beach boys